Your gateway to the Walchwil fibre optic cable network

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We provide the gateway to the digital world for your property.

Two documents form the basis for this: The rental and connection contract and the wayleave agreement. For your information and convenience, these files are available for download as PDF files.The statutes also provide you with an overview of the Digital Walchwil Cooperative.

Rental and connection contract

Prior to connecting your property to the Digital Walchwil Cooperative cable network, a rental and connection contract (PDF) must be signed.

Wayleave agreement

The Digital Walchwil Cooperative fibre optic cable will be laid on your land. The wayleave agreement (PDF) is required to grant your formal permission to do this.

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We test and manage everything related to setting up your new connection.

Initial costs

The connection fees for a single property range between CHF 1,200.– and CHF 1,800.–. A single initial fee between CHF 350 and 500.– is charged per individual flat in the building.  A portion of the connection costs and VAT are also charged.

Subscription fee

The monthly fee for each flat is CHF 29.90 (including copyright fees and VAT).

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